Testimonials and Reviews

Dear Friends,

I was told by our secretary, Cindy, that the two of you were very gracious in helping us with the washer in our rectory that was not functioning. Eddie came as soon as he could to evaluate the situation and found out that our washer was in bad shape because of age. He recommended that we purchase a refurbished one to help keep the cost down. I was happy to follow his advice. Nicole, I was told, was kind enough to help Cindy through the arrangements, including your willingness to take our tax exempt form to free us from taxes.

On the day we received the washer we were also able to get our local plumber to stop by after work to fix the leak where the washer was connected to the water pipe. Again it was age which had rusted the old spout. Thanks be to God, the plumber just happened to have another spout in his truck and he was able to fix the leak in a short time.

I told Cindy I would write you a letter of thanks, but only after our housekeeper did some laundry. Yesterday, she was here and used the machine several times to wash all our church and rectory laundry. Everything went smoothly! So here I am, thanking you both for being so nice. May God bless your company with lots of new business!

With every best wish, I remain
Gratefully yours in Christ,
Rev. Charles Zanoni, C.S.