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Appliances You Should Consider Buying Used

Appliances You Should Consider Buying Used

When looking for a new household appliance, consider buying used. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a unit connoisseur, used appliances can be just as efficient as buying brand new, without the hefty price tag. Danny’s Appliance offers next to new appliances for a fantastic price.

Have your appliances begun to turn on you? Are you in need of an update? Is it time you finally stop running to the laundry mat? In any case, the used-appliance market is a fantastic option.

Lower Prices

Danny’s Appliance has one of the largest used appliance showrooms in New England. Our prices are some of the lowest in the region and we strive to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Many chain appliance stores will charge you a steep amount for an appliance because they are well-known to the community and they know it is a convenient way to purchase. However, our local appliance store is just as easily accessed, and you will be getting a fantastic deal on your unit. Some of our units have prices as low as $99.

No Credit Needed

Unlike many retail stores, Danny’s Appliance requires no credit to purchase an appliance. You can take your appliance home with just $55 down! We want to make sure that you get the unit that you want and that will make your life easier.


It is normal to want to ensure you are getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to used appliances. We may have low prices, but we do not have low-quality products. To prove this to our customers all of our appliances come with a 90-day warranty. We also have an extended one-year warranty available if you need extra confirmation that your appliance will continue working in next to new condition.

Call Danny’s Appliance at 401.351.0510 for any questions on purchasing used appliances. We guarantee our customers low prices, high-quality, and amazing customer service.