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The Best Appliance Features

The Best Appliance Features

Wi-Fi Connected Appliances with App Alerts

One of the newest and most innovative features is wi-fi-connected appliances that can give you alerts in real time. This is also, a convenient feature because no matter where you are you can get updates and keep track of your appliances. This feature will provide alerts such as if your appliance door was left open, the need for a filter change, the battery running low, and so much more!

Efficient Storage

Storage is an essential element in a lot of appliances, especially refrigerators. A fridge feature that Danny’s fridges offer that has ample storage is French doors. Fridges with this feature will help to ensure that you don’t find moldy food tucked in the back of your drawers. French door refrigerators have wider shelves and larger door bins than traditional units. Another advantage is the bottom freezer that French door style refrigerators.

LED Appliance Lighting

A feature that most people don’t tend to consider when they are purchasing appliances is lighting. While this feature may not seem like the most necessary quality to have in an appliance, it provides many advantages and benefits. Having LED lighting can make it easier to organize your appliance and visually help you see better, especially in ovens. In addition, another advantage that French door style refrigerators have is a freezer at the bottom of a unit organizing your refrigerator more efficiently.

We hope you’ll find this information helpful the next time you are considering buying an appliance! If you’re looking to save more, we offer high-quality used appliances at unbeatable prices! Stop by our showroom in Providence, Rhode Island or shop our appliances online to browse our selection of refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, dryers and washers, and more!