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Caring for Your Appliances

Caring for Your Appliances

Caring for Your Appliances

You may not think about it often, but your appliances need to be taken care of and maintained, like everything else in your life. Your refrigerator, stove, and laundry machines are used on an everyday basis, which lends then to wear and tear over time. But, if you take the proper care of your appliances, they can last years!

Follow these guidelines every few months to keep your appliances in tip-top shape:


Make sure the condenser coils are clean. The condenser coils are what makes it possible for the fridge to remove heat from inside, and what keeps your food cold. If they are covered in dust and other debris, it’ll cause the refrigerator to work harder. Not only can this shorten the lifespan of the appliance, but it will also rack up your electric bill. Cleaning the coils is easy – all you have to do is vacuum them. 

Your fridge should be tightly sealed, so check the rubber seal along the door’s edge. When the seal gets old it can start to crack or come loose from the door. This will allow cool air to leave the fridge and make it work harder. If the seals are loose, they may need to be replaced. You can call Danny’s Appliance to schedule a quick service repair. Make sure the seals are also free of food residue that may prevent the fridge from closing tight. Simply clean them with a toothbrush and some baking soda and water.

Oven or Stove

The easiest way to prolong the lifespan of your oven or stove is to clean it regularly. Never use abrasive pads or chemicals. This could scratch or wear down parts of your appliance. With a glass stovetop, cleaning is easy. Just use some water or a cooktop cleaner and wipe it down. If you have grates or burner pans, those can be harder to clean, but there are grate cleaners that can help. In the interior, make sure you are removing anything that spilled or dripped. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on what type of cleaner you should use, as these vary depending on the oven.  

If your oven isn’t heating up properly, before you go out and buy a new one, try recalibrating it first. If recalibration doesn’t work, call Danny’s to schedule a repair and if it can’t be repaired, we can help you find a new one!

Washer and Dryer

First, you want to make sure your washer and dryer are firmly planted on the floor. If the machine is on an uneven floor, it can cause excessive vibration to occur and loosen up the connections over time. If your floor is just naturally uneven, you can purchase anti-vibration pads for the machines.

Don’t overload the appliances and don’t use too much detergent. Doing large loads may save you some time but putting too much into the machine can cause damage to the motors, belts and other parts that could lead to an expensive repair. Too much detergent can lead to clogs or buildup in the hoses which could prevent the washer from working properly.

We’ve all heard this, but you should always clean out the lint from the dryer, not just to prevent fires but to prevent your dryer from working harder than it has to. But it’s not just the lint filter at the front of the machine you need to clean. Lint gets into deeper places, which means you should take the time to clean out all the inside and outside vents.

If any of your appliances aren’t working properly, call Danny’s Appliance and we’ll have one of our certified technicians diagnose the problem and repair it. If your appliance is past the point of repairing, visit our store to see all our great products at an incredibly low price!