Danny’s Appliance Repair employs a rigorous inspection process to certify that each appliance that reaches our showroom meets the toughest standards for appliance reliability — yours. Our reputation is based on the reliability of the appliances we sell. We inspect all the moving parts and electronics. Each appliance looks like it just came off the factory floor.

Simply put, we want you to come back to Danny’s again and again. But we don’t want to see the products we sold you.

Danny’s Certification process assures you that your appliance will provide years of reliable service. We inspect:


  • All the control options, timers, motors and all the cycles
  • Water valves, water pumps, water levels, water pressure
  • Soap dispensers and heating elements
  • Door springs, gaskets, leaks in pipes and tubing, legs and levelers
  • Complete interior and exterior visual inspection


  • Water levels, valves and pumps
  • Temperature controls, timers, cycle controls, transmissions
  • Gaskets, door switches, clutches
  • Agitators and motors
  • Complete interior and exterior visual inspection


  • Heating elements, thermostats, limiters and sensors
  • Motors, belts, rollers
  • Pipes and tubing inspected for leaks (gas units)
  • Exhaust temperature and blower power
  • Switches, control panel, timers
  • Complete interior and exterior visual inspection


  • Temperatures, thermostats and controllers (refrigerator and freezer)
  • Refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Condensers, motors, fans, heating elements and evaporators
  • Ice makers and water valves
  • Door seals, gaskets and closures
  • Timers, computer boards and relays
  • Complete interior and exterior visual inspection


  • Oven, broiler, bake and range elements
  • Temperature controls and coils
  • Control panel and switches
  • Convection fans
  • Pipes and tubing (gas units)
  • Self cleaning units
  • Complete interior and exterior visual inspection