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How To Clean Your Washing Machine

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

Did you know that your washing machine needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure it keeps running smoothly? Although the dirt and grime from your clothes is removed, it can build up along with soap inside your washer and sometimes leave a mildewy smell after a cycle. Thankfully there is a quick and easy process you can use to clean it. We recommend cleaning your washing machine once a month with the following process using a homemade remedy.

Follow the tips and instructions below to help keep your washer clean and your clothes smelling fresh!

First, Ensure Your Appliance Is Properly Placed

Before cleaning your washer, you should check to make sure it has been installed properly. For example, you want your washing machine to be stable, sitting evenly on the floor. If your floor is uneven, the vibrations from your washing machine may cause its connections to loosen up over time. Even if your floor isn’t perfectly flat, there are anti-vibration pads you can purchase to resolve this issue!

Gather Your Materials

Your washing machine may come with a self-clean function, so if this is the case for you, follow the instructions from the manufacturer to clean the inside of your washer. For those who don’t have a self-cleaning machine, gather these materials:

  1. White Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Clean cloth and a toothbrush

Step: 1 Cleaning Inside the Washing Machine

Begin a hot water cycle in your washing machine by adding two measured cups of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser. This combination is perfect for getting rid of bacteria and preventing its growth, while also working as a deodorizer to the inside of your machine.

Step 2: Cleaning the Outside of the Machine

Prepare another mixture in a bucket or nearby sink using hot or warm water and ¼ cup of vinegar. You could also put this mixture into a spray bottle for easy use. When your cycle has finished, use this mixture with a cloth and/or toothbrush (for those hard to reach places) to clean the basin, gaskets, dispensers, and exterior of the machine.

If you have a top load washer, consider pausing the cycle for an hour to let the vinegar soak in the basin. When cleaning the outside surface, make sure to pay extra attention to the inside of the door and around its opening if your machine is a front load. This area may build up mildew or mold more quickly, so we suggest spraying the area and letting the vinegar mixture sit for a minute before wiping. If your dispenser is removable, take it out and let it soak in the mixture before scrubbing it. After cleaning the inside, wipe down the surface area of the machine using a clean cloth.

Step 3: Run a Hot Water Cycle

After both the inside and outside of your washer has been cleaned, run another cycle of just hot water or add ½ cup of baking soda to the hot water in the basin. This cycle will remove any loosened debris. When finished, give the inside basin another quick wipe to take care of any bits of remaining residue, and voilá, your machine is clean!

Other Useful Tips

  • Don’t overload your machine – this might damage the motors, belts, and other parts of the machine that are often expensive to repair.
  • Don’t use excessive detergent – this may cause clogging or build up in the hoses which can disrupt how your washing machine functions.

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