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How to Find the Model Number on your Appliance

How to Find the Model Number on your Appliance

Having an appliance out of commission can be a real stressor. Not only can it cause a mess or a smell, but it means you have to live without that unit until it is fixed. Danny’s Appliance understands this stress, which is why we offer one of the quickest repair response times around. As soon as you inquire about our appliance repair services one of our qualified technicians will give you a call.

When your appliance is in need of repair, a technician will usually ask you to locate the model and the serial number of your appliance. To do this, you will need to find the Model Number Tag. This tag usually appears on a metal tag or sticker. The model number can often be confused with the serial numbers near the brand name and logo of the appliance Look at the image below for reference:

Model numbers are usually all numbers or a combination of numbers and letters.  This information, as well as the location of the tag, varies depending on the brand and type of appliance.

Why do I need the model number of my appliance?

It is very important to record the correct and the exact manufacturer’s model number tag. Providing the incorrect model number may result in delayed service or delivery of the wrong appliance parts.

When do you know when you need a repair?

If your appliances are loud, squeaky, or running inefficiently, it is time to call Danny’s Appliance for a repair. In many cases, all you will need is a simple tune-up or a part replacement. Other times it won’t be worth the hassle and cost of the repair. Luckily, Danny’s Appliance offers high-quality, low-priced, appliances at our store in Providence, Rhode Island.