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How to Shop for Large Appliances During the Pandemic (Without Breaking the Bank)

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How to Shop for Large Appliances During the Pandemic (Without Breaking the Bank)

Shortages in supplies have created a ripple effect across the technology industry, making it harder to find what you need and costing more when you do. Ordering can take weeks, even months, to arrive. Parts for appliances have become stuck on back order, and part shortages from manufacturers leads to similar issues among dealers.

Shortages are not the only problem. Their demand has increased as home sales have skyrocketed, leading to higher prices. With higher demands, retailers see less of a need for sales promotions. This makes it harder for consumers to find cost-saving deals. These demands are further challenged by a lack of transportation for supplies, the decrease in labor force, and scarcity of technicians.

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, take a glance at the tips we’ve compiled below to help you navigate this struggling market.

When Time Is of the Essence

Typically, when people are looking for an appliance, it’s brought about by an urgent need to replace one that no longer functions or can’t be repaired. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several actions you can take to quickly help you find what you need.

Wants vs. Needs

First, determine what your must-haves are for an appliance, and be flexible in case you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for. Do you really need all the bells and whistles? Or will a more basic appliance suit your current needs? If you’ve had your eye on a specific model that is not in stock, research other brands for models that are similar, available, and would serve as a good substitute.

Knowing Where to Look

The next step is to know where to look. Save time by searching online instead of going out on a haphazard store-hopping venture. You’ll often have the option to filter online search results to hone in on what appliances contain those enticing features you desire. Some websites will have an online chat, where a service representative can help you locate where to get the model you want. This will give you a good idea of what inventory big box stores have available in-store or for delivery.

You can also research smaller, independent dealers who often match the prices at big-box stores, have a similar supply, and will know exactly what and when something is arriving. They are also more likely to provide higher quality service to individual buyers, like offering a loaner while waiting on an order.

Have a Back Up Plan

If you find a viable option, a wise decision is placing an order right away. While waiting on the order, continue your research in case you find an appliance that is closer to what you’re looking for or better suits your needs. If you find a better option, you can simply cancel the order with no harm done. It’s better to have something on the way in case you don’t find an alternative.

Ways to Save

Try saving a bit more money by considering appliances that have minor cosmetic flaws, like floor models at big box stores. A small scratch or dent on a floor model won’t impact its functionality. “Open box” items are another option that usually have no defects at all. Sometimes a filter option for “open box” items will exist in a business’s online store like Best Buy. Getting a used or secondhand appliance, even if only as a temporary resort, is another option both cheaper and easier to obtain, especially if you’re in a pinch. If your budget is less restrained, you can consider high-end appliances because they are more likely to offer bigger savings compared to their more affordable counterparts.


Part of the challenge of buying an appliance during the pandemic is securing its delivery. If you or someone you know has a pick-up truck, van, or other large vehicle, you have the option of transporting an appliance yourself. This will allow you to bring it home same-day, or at least much sooner than waiting on a delivery service. Lastly, never forget the usefulness of haggling/bargaining. According to the Consumer Reports, a 2020 survey of 20,000 people buying large appliances showed that 23% of them haggled. As a result, two-thirds of those who bargained succeeding in getting a lower price. These negotiators were able to save an average of about $100.

If Your Appliance Needs Are Worth Waiting For

When your search for an appliance isn’t rushed, you are more likely to get what you initially hoped for, albeit with a longer wait time. Even if what you want isn’t readily available, there are steps you can take to lessen the wait. For example, you can sign up for store alerts via email or text to receive a notification when your desired model arrives in store. Some other options are periodically calling stores to inquire about inventory or getting on an independent dealer’s waiting list, which may result in a quicker find.

Keep in mind that prices will generally remain higher until labor shortages and covid restrictions no longer impact production. We wish you luck in all your appliance endeavors!

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