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Renters are More Prone to Buy with Appliances Installed

Renters are More Prone to Buy with Appliances Installed

When apartment hunting, renters are looking for livability and affordability. Having major appliances already installed is a not only a stress reliever for them but a favorable selling point for your property. Major appliances such as a refrigerator and oven are necessities to sustain a typical lifestyle for renters. If your home does not have these, prospects might be more apt to rent somewhere that does!

Use Appliances as A Selling Point

Did you say a dishwasher AND an in-unit washer and dryer? Your prospective tenant is already sold! Major appliances such as a dishwasher save the renter time and stress. These appliances are often a luxury to find in an apartment which means if one is already installed, you can raise rent to offset the price without losing any interest. 

Have a three family but are not looking to spend money on six different laundry units? Consider buying a washer-dryer unit and putting it in a shared space. This way your tenants can do laundry on-site and you spend next to nothing! Danny’s Appliance also sells coin-operated washer and dryer systems so you can make some extra change.

Cheap Used Appliances for Apartments

Many of our clients at Danny’s Appliances are Property Managers and Landlords. We offer some of the best prices on all major appliances. This means you can buy high-quality units for a low cost so you and your tenants can both go home happy.

Tenants Need a Repair? Call us!

If one of the appliances on your property is not working properly our certified appliance technicians will coordinate with your tenant to get the work done. With Danny’s, you know the job will get done quickly and at a fair price.

Call today to work with Danny’s Appliance. We offer monthly sales and have worked with hundreds of Landlords and Property Managers.