Refrigerator Repair Tips

Here are some quick tips to check if your refrigerator is not working properly.

Danny’s Appliance Repair offers these repair tips as a courtesy. Danny’s Appliance Repair always recommends that you consult with a licensed service company before attempting any service work.

What do I do if my refrigerator doesn’t work at all?

  1. Is there power going to the refrigerator?
    Make sure it’s plugged in! Does the light come on? Check the power in the outlet by plugging something else in, or by testing with a voltmeter. Don’t forget to check the fuse box or the circuit breaker for your home.
  2. Could an overload relay cause the problem?
    A defective overload relay may cause your refrigerator to shut off intermittently.
  3. What about the defrost timer?
    A defective defrost timer can prevent the compressor from working.
  4. Can the thermostat effect whether or not my refrigerator works?
    A defective thermostat will prevent the compressor from working.

What should I do if my refrigerator doesn’t cool?

  1. Could the condenser coils cause a problem?
    Accumulated dust on the condenser coils can cause the coils to overheat and prevent the refrigerator from working properly. Unplug the refrigerator and clean off the coils with a brush.
  2. Could the door seals effect the temperature?
    Worn or loose door seals allow warm air into your refrigerator, causing it to work too hard. Replacing the seals will also improve the refrigerator’s efficiency.
  3. Could the temperature controls have a problem?
    Make sure the thermostats is set correctly.
  4. Is the condenser fan working?
    A defective condenser fan will prevent the refrigerator from cooling.
  5. Are there compressor issues?
    Listen for a clicking sound when the compressor tries to start. If it clicks, you could have a bad start capacitor which is easily replaced. A bad compressor on the other hand, can be a fairly expensive repair. If the compressor is running but your refrigerator is still not cooling at all, there may be a problem with the condenser or evaporator coils.
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  • I never took into account the fact that the dust that accumulates on the condenser coils can be the cause of overheating. I guess this might be the reason why our fridge is broken. It just shut down this morning which is why we bought a cooler and lots of ice to keep the meats from being spoiled. It would be best to hire professionals to fix it.

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