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Summer Appliance Check-Up: Do You Need Repairs?

Summer Appliance Check-Up: Do You Need Repairs?

Summer Stress on Appliances

Summer is in full swing and boy is it hot! With it being so sunny and children being back from school, many resorts to spending their time inside as a last effort to stay cool. Unfortunately, this also means that your appliances will be working and performing more and using much more energy. This includes:

  • Increase in laundry
  • Opening and closing the fridge more often
  • Running the dishwasher more frequently

With the heat outside and the extra use of the appliances, these household priorities can suffer from degeneration, and can eventually break. This is why getting a checkup of your appliances and repairing any suffering or broken parts can ensure that they will last you through the summer and into the autumn months. Here are a few more perks of having smooth running repaired appliances:

Energy waste decreases

When appliances are not functioning properly they work harder and take more energy to operate. However, when appliances are working like they are supposed to, they use energy more efficiently. It is also helpful to look out for energy-efficient appliances when purchasing a new machine.

Invest in your appliances

When appliances are functioning properly not only are you saving energy, but you are also saving money! Repair costs are nothing compared to all the money that you can lose from high electric and gas bills. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, repairing is much more of an efficient and cost-effective way than purchasing another appliance.

Works better

Your appliances are used very often, which sometimes decreases their functionality. The very purpose of your appliances can cease to work if proper maintenance is not conducted. For example, with maintained appliances, you will see cleaner clothes, clothes that dry faster, cleaner dishes, and better-tasting food!


When appliances break it can lead to overheating, smoke, and even fires. Make sure that you are protecting your home with up to date machinery.

As you can tell, there are a lot of reasons to ensure that your appliances are running smoothly, especially in the summer months. Danny’s Appliance is factory certified and trained by the leaders of the industry. This month, you will get $20 off any repair, just give us a call today!

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