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Which Brands Hit the Podium? A Guide to the Reliability of Brand Name Appliances


Which Brands Hit the Podium? A Guide to the Reliability of Brand Name Appliances

We’ve all been there – your once reliable appliance suddenly decides it’s time to retire. Or maybe it was your problematic one, miraculously hanging on for a while but finally decided enough was enough. Whatever your situation might be, the fact of the matter is you now need a replacement. But who wants to spend countless hours online doing research on different brands and models or looking up reviews? Probably few, if any. Though you don’t need to worry because you’re in luck! We’ve done the first part of the research for you and summarized what you want to know – what brand should you get?

If you’re looking for a new appliance, review the lists we’ve compiled to help you make a confident purchase. The information presented below is sourced from a Consumer Reports survey of 760,000 appliances purchased between 2010 and 2020. Read the full article for further details about rankings for these appliances and others here.

Who Takes the Cake?

The glory is not held by one single brand, but several. It all depends on what appliance you’re looking for. While some brands might make an excellent refrigerator, their ovens might not be up to par. That’s why it’s not clear cut about who makes the most reliable appliances. The important thing to know is which ones are reliable among them.

Keep in mind that these survey results are based on how well an appliance held up within its first 5 years of use, and does not necessarily translate to its performance. Appliance reliability is ranked on a scale of 5 terms: poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent. Next to each brand, we noted the distinct types of appliances that ranked very good or excellent in reliability.

The Best Washers

  • Speed Queen (Excellent: Top-load Agitator, Very Good: Front-Load)
  • LG (Excellent: Top-load HE & Compact, Very Good: Front-Load)
  • Miele (Very Good: Compact)
  • Roper (Very Good: Top-load Agitator)
  • Kenmore (Very Good: Front-load)
  • Maytag (Very Good: Top-load HE)
  • Hotpoint (Very Good: Top-load Agitator)
  • Amana (Very Good: Top-load Agitator)
  • Samsung (Excellent: Compact)
  • Electrolux (Very Good: Front-load & Compact)

The Best Dryers

  • Speed Queen (Excellent: Gas & Electric)
  • LG (Excellent: Gas & Electric), Very Good: Compact)
  • Miele (Excellent: Compact)
  • Roper (Very Good: Electric)
  • Kenmore (Very Good: Electric & Compact)
  • Whirlpool (Very Good: Electric)
  • Maytag (Very Good: Electric)
  • Amana (Very Good: Electric)
  • Crosley (Very Good: Electric)
  • Electrolux (Very Good: Compact)

The Best Refrigerators

  • LG (Excellent: Top Freezer & Bottom Freezer)
  • Thermador (Excellent: Built-in)
  • Whirlpool (Excellent: Top Freezer)
  • Frigidaire (Excellent: Top Freezer & Built-in)
  • Maytag (Excellent: Top Freezer)
  • Kenmore (Excellent: Top Freezer & Bottom Freezer)
  • Amana (Excellent Top-Freezer, Very Good: Bottom-Freezer)
  • Samsung (Excellent: Top-Freezer)
  • Bosch (Very Good: Built-in)
  • GE/General Electric (Very Good: Top Freezer & Bottom Freezer)
  • Sub-Zero/Wolf (Very Good: Built-in)
  • Kitchenaid (Very Good: Bottom-Freezer)
  • Hotpoint (Very Good: Top Freezer)
  • Fisher & Paykel (Very Good: Bottom-Freezer)
  • Jenn-Air (Very Good: Built-in)

The Best Ranges & Cooktops

  • LG (Excellent: Gas & Electric Cooktops, Very Good: Gas & Electric Ranges)
  • Café (Excellent: Electric Range & Cooktop, Very Good: Gas & Pro Ranges)
  • IKEA (Excellent: Electric Range)
  • Bosch (Excellent: Electric Range, Gas & Electric Cooktops, Very Good: Gas Range)
  • GE (Excellent: Electric Range & Cooktop, Very Good: Gas Range)
  • Signature Kitchen Suite (Excellent: Gas & Electric Cooktops)
  • Whirlpool (Excellent: Electric Range, Very Good: Gas & Electric Cooktops)
  • Monogram (Excellent: Electric Cooktop)
  • Thermador (Very Good: Gas Cooktop)
  • Samsung (Excellent Gas Range & Cooktop, Very Good: Electric Cooktop)
  • Kenmore (Very Good: Gas & Electric Ranges, Gas & Electric Cooktops)
  • Frigidaire (Very Good: Gas & Electric Ranges, Gas & Electric Cooktops)
  • Maytag (Very Good: Electric Range & Electric Cooktop)
  • Kitchenaid (Very Good:Gas & Electric Cooktops)
  • Hotpoint (Very Good: Gas Range)
  • Amana (Very Good: Electric Range & Electric Cooktop)

The Best Dishwashers

  • IKEA (Excellent)
  • Thermador (Excellent)
  • Bosch (Excellent)
  • Miele (Excellent)
  • Whirlpool (Very Good)
  • Asko (Very Good)

What to Avoid from Who

Most brands in this study still received a “good” ranking among the appliances they didn’t excel with. There are a few brands, however, that you would do best to avoid when looking for certain appliances. The lists below show the rankings of brand appliances that ranked only “fair” or flat-out “poor.”


  • Whirlpool (Poor: Compact Only)
  • Asko (Poor: Compact Only)
  • Fisher & Paykel (Fair: Top-Load Agitator Only)


  • Hotpoint (Poor: Gas Only)
  • Blomberg (Fair: Compact Only)
  • Fisher & Paykel (Fair: Gas & Electric)
  • Asko (Fair: Compact Only)


  • Electrolux (Poor: French-Door, Fair: Side-by-Side)
  • Viking (Poor: Built-in, Fair French-Door)
  • Café (Fair: Side-by-Side Only)
  • Bosch (Fair: Side-by-Side Only)
  • Frigidaire (Fair: French Door Only)
  • Samsung (Fair: French Door Only)

Ranges & Cooktops

  • Miele (Poor: Gas Cooktop, Fair: Pro Range Only)
  • Viking (Poor: Pro Range, Fair: Electric Cooktop)
  • Fisher & Paykel (Fair: Pro Range)
  • Jenn-Air (Fair: Gas & Pro Range, Gas Cooktop)
  • Electrolux (Fair: Electric & Pro Range, Electric Cooktop)
  • Dacor (Fair: Pro Range & Electric Cooktop)


  • Electrolux (Poor)
  • Samsung (Fair)
  • Viking (Fair)

We hope you’ll find this list helpful in your search for a new appliance! If you’re looking to save more, we offer high-quality used appliances at unbeatable prices! Stop by our showroom in Providence, Rhode Island or shop our appliances online to browse our selection of dishwashers, ovens, dryers and washers, refrigerators, and more!