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Appliance Removals

Free appliance removals at Danny’s

Need to get rid of those old or broken appliances? We can help.

Have you ever tried to move a refrigerator or a stove? If you have, you would know that it is a difficult job without help. When removing appliances, not only is heavy lifting a danger, but disposing of it can be challenging as well. Many older appliances contain ozone-depleting chemicals that will get into the air if they are brought to a landfill or junkyard. At Danny’s Appliance, we take the proper precautions and remove your appliance in a responsible way that protects your health and the environment.

Danny’s Appliance offers Free Haul Away Services with each purchase. We understand how difficult it can be to discard your used appliances. We will coordinate with you and come to your location at a time that is appropriate for you and your property with our trucks and haul away your old appliances. We also remove your appliances for free if you have 20 or more. Call us for more information at 401.351.0510.