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Quick Fixes to Why Your Washer Isn’t Working

Quick Fixes to Why Your Washer Isn’t Working

We depend heavily on our appliances. When they stop working it is a huge inconvenience in our lives. Appliances have to be properly maintained to function properly through their lifetime. When your washer isn’t working, you will want it fixed immediately to prevent more damage.

Just because you have an issue with an appliance does not mean its life is over just quite. In fact, many resolutions are simple fixes, while others may require a professional technician.

Either way, it is important to know the common issues with your appliances so you can properly assess the situation. That is why we have compiled a few common washer problems and how to address them:

My washer is very loud

There are a few ways to troubleshoot this issue.

Is your washer on level ground? This is a simple but frequent mistake that can make your washer rock back and forth. If your floor is uneven, adjusting the legs of the washer is an easy fix to stop the wobbling.

An object may be in your washer. During a cycle, this will create excess noise. This can obstruct your drain line if not removed right away. Check your washer and drain to remove the object.

An unbalanced load can also be your problem. This can be from overloading your washer. This can be fixed by adjusting the load until it is balanced.

Faulty Parts could be the cause of the noise and will require replacing. To solve this issue, it may be best to call an experienced repair technician to assist you.

The drain in my washer isn’t working

This problem happens occasionally to washers and the fix varies depending on the type of washer you own. All appliances come with a manual that provides techniques to reset or drain your washer.

Something may be clogging the drain such as a sock or a small item of clothing. Simply pull out that item and your washer should drain normally.

Stinky washer

Clean your washer! To do this, run a cycle without clothes with a small portion of white vinegar, baking soda, and water. Scrub any remaining dirty spots with a sponge. This should remove all smells from your appliance!

My washer is leaking

The first step is to check the hoses. If these hoses are loose or punctured they need to be tightened or replaced.

The drain pump could also be the reason for your leakage. This can be a simple fix such as a loose part, or you could have to replace the entire pump.

The washer will not turn on

Is your power on? Although this may seem too obvious, make sure to check! Excessive rocking or motion could have unplugged the machine.

The lid switch controls whether or not your washer starts if the power is on. If your lid switch isn’t recognizing that the lid is closed, it will not start.

There are many simple fixes to repair an appliance, however, some require a professional repair technician. Call Danny’s for quick and efficient service that will last.