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Five Tips for Efficiently using your Appliances this Summer

Five Tips for Efficiently using your Appliances this Summer

We all love summer fun, from barbeques and campouts to swimming and sports. Summer also means higher air conditioning bills, dirty dishes from entertaining, an increase of electronics usage on an extra hot day, and so on. Your appliance use increases significantly over the summer months. You must prioritize and manage your energy usage at home! Here are a few tips to help you get through the summer efficiently and affordably:

Tip One

Clean out your fridge weekly from extra foods that you don’t eat. Overstocking your fridge in the summer causes your fridges to use more energy. It can also block the circulation of cool air, leaving your fridge working double time.

Tip Two

Stop the constant loads of laundry from piling up all summer. With hot days and warm nights, you should be able to get away with wearing half as many layers
We recommend drying your clothes at night during the cool summer nights instead of the daytime. If you need to, try throwing a few of those clothes on your deck outside or on a hanging line so that your dryer doesn’t have to be used as often. Remember, drying your clothes during a hot summer day will cause your home to heat up which then causes your air conditioning to work harder.

Tip Three

Make sure you are only running full loads of dirty dishes so that you don’t have to run it as frequently. If you are out of dishes and you need only a few small things cleaned, consider handwashing them to save energy and time.

Tip Four

Summer break means the kids are home and they are ready to have some fun! Sometimes the only thing a kid can think to do during summer is open the fridge countless times looking for more food. This means that sometimes the fridge door is left open. This causes the cooling process in the fridge to slow down and in turn, your fridge will have to work harder. Always remind your kids to shut the fridge door before walking away!

Tip Five

Always avoid putting hot leftovers in the fridge. When you have leftovers that you are trying to pack into the fridge, keep it out until it has cooled off Putting hot food back into the fridge can offset the temperature in the fridge, making the compressor work harder to cool the fridge down!

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