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How to Clean your Refrigerator: Part One

How to Clean your Refrigerator: Part One

In order for your fridge to maintain it’s ‘good as new quality,’ it is important to give it the proper TLC. This includes, every now and again, completely cleaning it from the inside out. Here are some tips to make sure your refrigerator is spick and span!

Step One: Take Out Food

The first step is to completely clear all the items from your fridge. This includes all food, drinks, sauces, etc. You will want to keep the food that goes bad quickly, such as milk, in a cooler while you clean. It is also helpful if you do this before your weekly shopping trip to make it easier for you.

Step Two: Throw Out Old Food

As you are transporting your food from your fridge, check the expiration date and quality of the product. If any of the food looks or smells questionable or is expired, throw it out. It is best that you throw the trash bag of old food outside immediately after you are done so your house does not begin to reek!

Step Three: Remove Shelving

Next, it is important to take out all racks, drawers, and removable pieces of your fridge. Many times, there are spills or crumbs from old food that sit on these objects and can begin to stink after awhile.

Step Four: Washing

Take the removed pieces from the fridge and wash them with dish soap. Use cool water at first until the shelving is at normal temperature, using hot water right away could shatter the glass from the sudden temperature change. Place in a drying rack to dry. Wipe the inside of the fridge down with a cloth and cleaning solution.

Step Five: Return all to the Refrigerator

Once everything looks and smells clean, return the shelving and food back into the refrigerator. Ensure that the shelves are dried completely before reinserting them.

Bonus Step: Order Absorbent

Another step to make your fridge odor free is baking soda. An opened box of baking soda in the back of your fridge works splendidly for this, just replace every 30 to 60 days!

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