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It is About Time that you get a Washer and Dryer

It is About Time that you get a Washer and Dryer

A Washer and dryer are a necessity in the core process. Laundry, though not everyone’s favorite past time, can be done much easier with these good ole appliances. Many go to laundry mats because they think they cannot afford or properly maintain these appliances, however, it is way easier than you think!

Buying Used Saves you Money

When purchasing a brand new appliance for your home or apartment, it can be quite costly. There is no need to buy brand new for many of these appliances, in fact, many of our machines are close to new, but are still discounted by a large amount. We offer a variety of manufacturers, types, styles, etc. for both washers and dryers.

Purchasing a washer and dryer for your home rather than spending money at a Laundromat is more cost-effective as well. It is an investment in your home, and buying it used, will only help you see that return on investment quicker.

Installing a washer and dryer in your home also helps with the resale investment of your home. If you own your home or choose to sell, this simple installation can increase your asking price up to five percent.

Washers and Dryers are Easy to Maintained

Washers and dryers are also relatively easy to maintain. This means they are easy to clean and repair. To clean your washer, just use a quart of vinegar and a cup of baking soda. This will disinfect your washer and will leave it smelling as good as new. Dryers are very easy to maintain, just simply remember to remove the lint after each load.

If you aren’t convinced just yet then this will certainly do it. This month only, Danny’s Appliance will be selling a washer/ dryer combination worth up to $400 in value for only $299. This includes free delivery! So give us a call today, and say goodbye to your Laundromat.

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