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History Lesson: Washer and Dryer

History Lesson: Washer and Dryer

There is no way to avoid the need for a washer and dryer. These machines have saved us so much time and energy from back in the day when we had to wash our clothing and bedding by hand (which would take hours!). Many of us have never had to suffer through those processes thanks to these machines, let’s dive into some fun facts about our wonderful washers and dryers:

History Lesson:

The washing machine has been around for quite long. The first ever washing ‘machine’ was created in the 1760s. This prototype, however, was more of a box for your clothes that you had to stir manually. The automatic machine that evolved into what you and I know and love today first reared its head in 1908. This machine also helped assist in the women’s rights movement, because it made the laundry process significantly faster, making it easier for women to work! Now the washer is an amazing tool that everyone can use in a jiffy.

The dryer has a different history, first appearing as early as the 18th century. At this time they were known as “ventilators” and were gigantic metal drums that were hand-cranked over fires. This left the clothes smelling like soot and often catching on fire…clearly not the best invention. However, from inflamed clothes to clotheslines, to cloth ovens, the device finally evolved to the appliance we depend on for dry clothes.

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